Food and Nutrition Class 4 Questions and Answers

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Food and Nutrition Class 4 Questions and Answers | Grade 4 Science Question Answers | for the students of CBSE / ICSE / State boards.

Food and Nutrition Class 4 Questions and Answers

Question – What are nutrients?

Answer – The things needed by our body for energy, health, and growth are called nutrients.


Question – What is energy-giving food?

Answer – Carbohydrates are energy-giving food .example of carbohydrate-rich food are cereals [rice, wheat, maize], etc.


Question – Who needs more carbohydrates?

Answer – People who do a lot of physical exercise such as laborers, and farmers need more energy.


Question – What are proteins and give some examples

Answer – Food items rich in proteins are called bodybuilding foods examples of protein are eggs, cheese, fish, meat, etc.


Question –  Give some examples of protein-rich foods?

Answer – Foods such as nuts, oil ghee, and butter are rich in fats.


Question – What is roughage?

Answer – The parts of plant food that cannot be digested by the body are called roughage also called dietary fiber.


Question – What is protective food?

Answer – Food products rich in vitamins and minerals are called protective foods.


Question – Give some examples are carbohydrates?

Answer – Rice wheat and maize.


Question – Give some examples are proteins?

Answer – Fish meat beans pulses.

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