Cartoon Characters Quiz Questions

Cartoon Characters Quiz Questions

Cartoon Characters Quiz Questions

G.K.Quiz-Cartoon Characters for kids ,by online shiksha ,this quiz shows about the life lessons learn by kids from diffrent cartoon characters .


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1. Do not trust strangers.


2. Those who love you will find ways to stay near you .
Size does not really always matter .


3. Anyone can be your favorite friend irrespective of age color and cost.


4. Sometimes humor is the best solution for the problems.


5. Smile laugh love to dance and live life not just for the sake of it.


6. Science is fun .


7. You need both knowledge and practice none should be given the back seat .


8. Humbleness Never Goes Out of fashion.


9. Eat Healthy, Health is real wealth.


10. You always have the choice to be happy you are the creator of your own happiness.


11. The world may find your dream stupid you should be brave enough to work for it.


12. Being an optimist never hurts anybody I am ready I am ready.


13. Dog are awesome friends.


14. Every day will pose a new challenge be prepared for it.


15. Use your power for a Greater cause not just for yourself.


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