Garbage in Garbage Out Class 6 Extra Questions

Garbage in Garbage Out Class 6 Extra Questions


Garbage in Garbage Out Class 6 Extra Questions | Class 6 Science Extra Question Answers | for all the students of CBSE/ ICSE/State Board kids


[Q] Who collect garbage?

Safai karmchari.


[Q] What is landfill?

Low lying area where garbage is dump is called landfill.


[Q] What is composting?

The rotting and conversion of some materials into manure is called composting.


[Q] Why blue dustbin is used?

The blue dustbin is used for materials that can be reused again such as plastic and metals.


[Q] Why green dustbin is used?

The green dustbin is used for collecting kitchen wastes such as vegetable scrap and fruit feel.


[Q] What is vermicomposting?

The method of preparing compost with the help of red worms is called vermicomposting.


[Q] How red worms grind their food?

Red worms do not have teeth they have a structure called gizzard which helps them in grinding their food.


[Q] Red worms don’t convert which kinds of garbage into compost?

Ans. Non- biodegradable wastes.


[Q] What do you do with the leftover food at home?

Ans. The leftover food is used to make manure.



[Q] What are biodegradable wastes? Give examples.

Ans. Wastes that can be decomposed by microorganisms are known as biodegradable wastes. Example. Peels of fruits and vegetables, paper, pieces of wood.


[Q] What are non-biodegradable wastes? Give examples.

Those wastes that cannot be decomposed by microorganisms. Example. Plastic, metallic, and chemical wastes.


[Q] Differentiate between composting and vermicomposting?

Ans. Composting: When microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi break down organic waste such as food waste, leaves, paper, eggshells, and leaves into manure, it is known as composting.

Vermicomposting: It is the process of decomposing organic matter into fertile manure with the help of red worms.


[Q] List 2 waste products that can be recycled?

Paper and plastic


[Q] List out some important ways of recycling paper and plastic.

Ans. There are several ways to recycle paper and plastic.

  • Avoid the use of plastic bags. Take paper, cotton or jute bag with you for shopping.
  • Keep water in refrigerators by using empty juice bottles.
  • Do not throw garbage in plastic bags.
  • Plants should be grown in disposable plastic containers.



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