GK Questions Answers Part 5 – GK

GK Questions Answers Part 5 – GK

General Knowledge Quiz Set 2 | General Knowledge Questions With Answers

GK Questions in the Quiz

What is the total number of countries in Africa?

Correct answer: 54

When was ISRO established?

Correct answer: 1969

Which of the following temples was built by the Romans at Muziris?

Correct answer: Augustus Temple

What is the name of the current Finance Minister of India?

Correct answer: Nirmala Sitaraman

What is the name of the book written by Jawaharlal nehru?

Correct answer: Glimpses of World History

Which state launched the Talent Search Campaign in the Sports area?

Correct answer: Madhya Pradesh

Where are the Great Bear Lake and Great Slave Lake located?

Correct answer: Canada

Who discovered the planet Uranus?

Correct answer: William Herschel

In which category do Snakes, Turtles, Lizards and Crocodiles belong?

Correct answer: Reptile

The concept of gravity was discovered by which famous physicist?

Correct answer: Isaac Newton

Which City will host the Durand Cup 2021?

Correct answer: Kolkata

Which State of India is the largest?

Correct answer: Rajasthan


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