Class 5 Social Science Globe A Model of the Earth Que and Ans

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Globe A Model of the Earth Class 5 Questions and Answers

Globe A Model of the Earth Class 5 Que and Ans for students of CBSE/ICSE Board 


[Q] How does the earth look?

Earth is actually round, although it appears flat since it’s so much bigger than us.


[Q] How is the earth represented by geographers?

For ease of study, geographers have mapped Earth using smaller scales. A globe and a map are two important tools we use for this purpose.


[Q] How would you describe the globe?

Globe is a smaller version of Earth. We can see the shape and location of the continents, oceans, countries, and important cities.

At one time, we cannot see the entire globe. If you turn the globe around, you’ll see the other side.


[Q] Define axis?

A globe can be turned around by passing a line through it. It is called the Axis. The axis is not straight; it tilts at an angle of 23 1/2. The Earth rotates around its axis constantly, resulting in day and night on Earth.


[Q] Define equator?

The Equator The imaginary line that circles the Earth halfway between the poles is called the Equator. The equator divides the Earth into two equal halves, called hemispheres. On the northern side of the Equator in the Northern Hemisphere, and on the southern side of the Equator is the Southern Hemisphere.


[Q] What are latitudes and longitudes?

The latitudes are the horizontal lines that run around the earth parallel to the equator. Degrees (°) and minutes (‘) are used to indicate latitude and longitude.


[Q] What is the international date line?

The line that forms when 180 degrees east and 180 degrees west longitudes cross is called the International Date Line.


[Q]  How are latitudes marked?

0° marks the equator. 90° North is the North Pole, and 90° South is the South Pole. A place’s latitude tells you how far north or south it is from the Equator.

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