Grade 3 Multiplication Worksheet – 02

Grade 3 Multiplication Worksheet – 02|Word Problems on Multiplication


Grade 3 Multiplication Worksheet – 02 | Grade 3 Math’s Solutions | for the students of CBSE/CSEB/ICSE students to prepare for their exams…..

Que: A bag of Pulses costs Rs. 150. What is the cost of 15 such bags of Pulses?

Que: John weighs 35 kgs. Ryan weighs 28 kgs. How much heavier is John than Ryan?

Que: In a garden, there are 305 rows of potted plants. Each row has 26 potted plants. How many potted plants are there in the garden?

Que: A bag costs Rs. 850. What will be the cost of 10 such bags?

Que: There are 172 mangoes in a box. How many mangoes are there in 55 boxes?

Que: A notebook costs Rs.15. What is the cost of 20such books?

Que: A man stitches 9 buttons on a shirt. How many buttons will he need for 6 shirts?

Que: There are 350 pages in a book. How many pages are there in 40 such books?

Que: 25 boxes of Oranges came from Kula. Each box has 196 oranges. What is the total number of Oranges?

Que: The cost of one candy is 8 rupees. Find the cost of 10 such candies?

Que: A box can hold 8 pencils; how many fans can 4 boxes hold?

Que: A car travels a distance of 60 km in 1 hour how many kilometers will it cover in 8 hours

Que: A basket contains 135 oranges. How many oranges are there in 20 such baskets?

Que: There are 500 sheets of paper in a pack. How many sheets are there in 14 such packs?

Que: The cost of a racket is 196 rupees. What is the cost of 28 such rackets?

Que: A book contains 256 pages; each page has 35 lines. How many lines are there in all the books?

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