Greenland The Land of Ice and Snow Class 5 Que Ans

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Greenland The Land of Ice and Snow Class 5 Question Answer


Greenland The Land of Ice and Snow Class 5 Que Ans | Greenland The Land of Ice and Snow Worksheet | The Land of Snow Class 5 Notes


What are parkas?

Ans: A parka is a hooded jacket made from animal fur worn by the people of Greenland to protect themselves against extreme cold in the polar regions.


What are kayaks?

Ans: A kayaka is a narrow boat used for fishing and hunting sea animals by the greenland people.


Why is the Climate of Greenland so cold? How does it affect the vegetation?

Answer: Greenland’s climate is Arctic, which means freezing cold. In Greenland, the sun’s rays are slanting and give out very little heat since it is so close to the north pole. Climates like these don’t support much vegetation. Only a few parts of the island are suitable for growing plants. Grasses, mosses, lichens, shrubs, and stunted trees are mainly found here. A few flowers bloom in the spring.


Describe the animal life of Greenland?

Answer: The animals with thick furs live here. Bears and reindeer with waterproof and flat coats roam around here. A few other animals are the Musk ox, Arctic fox, snow hare and the rodents called lemmings. Whales and seals live in icy waters. Sledges are pulled by huskies or wolf-like dogs.


Why is Greenland also called the ‘Land of the midnight sun’?

During the summers, the weather is bright and sunny in Greenland, especially along the coast.  Even at midnight, the sun does not set in summer and this lasts for months. This is why this area is called the Land of the Midnight Sun.


What do you know about the economy of the country?

Ans. Greenland receives financial support from the Danish government. People in the region depend on fishing, the main products are frozen, canned, dried, and smoked fish, which are exported. They also work in mines, oil fields, and construction companies.


Write Short notes On –

Food of Inuits Inuits used to hunt, fish, and gather food during the summer and spring seasons. The animals they killed provided most of their needs. The Inuits obtain their food by fishing and hunting. Animals are hunted for their meat, skin, and fat. Currently, they can buy goods imported from other countries.

Inuit houses they were made of stone and whale ribs with grass and soil for roofs. During winter, Inuits make shelters out of snow. These are called igloos. They look like domes and have a hole in the center that allows smoke and hot air to pass through. Animal skins and fur cover the floor of the Igloos.In recent years, permanent houses have also been built from logs or stones. People who travel often use tents made from animal skins, especially during the summer months.


Dress of Inuits Men, women and children wear clothes made from seal skins to protect themselves from the cold. Inuits wear trousers and hooded jackets to cover their heads. This kind of clothing is called parkas. Waterproof boots made from seal skin are also worn by the Inuits called mukluks.


Describe the climate of Greenland?

The climate of Greenland is extremely cold all year round. In summer, the sun shines continuously for weeks. During the melting period, large blocks of melted ice often break away from glaciers and slide into the sea. The winters are harsh. The sun never rises for long periods. Snow falls continuously and cold winds blow continuously.



Key Points of the chapter 

Greenland’s capital and largest city is Nuuk.

The icebergs are dangerous because they are difficult to spot in the fog, and 90% of the icebergs are under water, which means that ships may collide and be wrecked when they hit them.


Greenland lies towards the north-east of Europe

A land of people is called ‘Kalaallit Nunaat’

Greenland is the largest island in the world.

There are two frigid zones: the north and the south.


Greenland is near the North Pole.

Greenland’s capital is Nuuk

Greenland lies between the North Pole and the Arctic Circle.

Greenland Sea is located to the east of Greenland.


Greenland lies to the south-east of the Atlantic Ocean.

The main occupation of the people of Greenland is fishing.

Greenland’s natives are known as Inuits.

The two countries closest to Greenland are Iceland and Canada.


Greenlanders use Huskies to pull sledges. They are wolf-like dogs.

The Baffin bay and Davis strait separate Greenland from Canada’s northern island.


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