GSEB Class 6 English What a Wonderful World

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Gseb Class 6 English What a Wonderful World Question Answer

GSEB Class 6 English What a Wonderful World | GSEB Class 6 English Solution | for all the students to prepaper for their exams..


Question:  What did Alice do to her own feet?

Answer:  Alice said goodbye to her own feet.


Question:  Why was Alice worried

Answer:  Alice was worried because her feet were very far, so she thought “who will help my feet wear shoes and stockings?”


Question:  What gift would Alice give her own feet?

Answer:  A new pair of shoes every Christmas.


Question:  How could she prefer to send her feet the gift?

Answer:  She preferred to send her gift with the help of freight carrier.


Question:  Where is karni mata temple situated?

Answer:  Karni mata temple is located near Bikaner.


Question:  Who is karni mata?

Answer:  Karni mata is reincarnation of goddess durga.


Question:  What did goddess karni mata ask the death god Yama?

Answer:  To reincarnate the son of a grieving storyteller.


Question:  What did karni mata promise to all male storytellers?

Answer:  Karni mata promised that all male storytellers will be reincarnated into rats and if they die as rats they will once more be reincarnated into the depower family.


Question:  Who are deepavats?

Answer:  Deepavats are the descendants of karni mata.


Question:  How many rats are there is karni Mata’s temple?

Answer:  20,000


Question:  What are kabaas and how are they fed?

Answer:  The kabaas are the rat s of the karni mata temple and are fed by the existing deepawats family members.


Question:  What do devotees believe for the leftover of rats?

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