GSEB Class 7 Chapter 3 Exploring Advertising

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GSEB Class 7 Chapter 3 Exploring Advertising


Activity 1

  • In this article, who is PerriKlass? Who is Dr. Thomas Robinson?
  • PerriKlass is a reporter for the New York Times, and he wrote this article. Thomas Robinson is a professor at Stanford University. Dr. Packard has investigated the effects of advertisements on children in several experiments at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital.


  • What is important for children to learn according to the article?
  • According to the article, children should be aware that sometimes people who want their trust are not really their friends.


  • How do advertisements for cigarettes and alcohol affect our children?
  • Ads for cigarettes and alcohol do influence children and young people toward unhealthy behavior.


  • According to the article, what are the top food products that are advertised?
  • Candy, sugared cereals, sugary drinks, and fast food are the four most popular products.


  • Based on his experiments with children, what has Thomas Robinson learned?
  • Thomas Robinson, in a study of kids, learns that 30-second advertisements for a product can change a child’s preference for a brand.


  • What is the most effective way to keep children away from advertising?
  • Reducing TV and internet usage is the most effective way to keep children from seeing advertisements.


Activity 2

Slogan Product
utterly butterly delicious Amul Butter
Its Finger licking good KFC
America runs on dunkins Dunkin Donuts
kuch meetha ho jaye Cadbury

Activity 4

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