GSEB Class 7 Social Science Chapter 5 Adivasis Solutions

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GSEB Class 7 Chapter 5 Adivasis

GSEB Class 7 Chapter 5 Adivasis Solutions | GSEB Class 7 Social Science Solutions | extra questions and important points for students….

Match the appropriate pairs:

Gadhkatanga  70,000 villages
Annuity[varshasana]   dang-darbar
Labour   Paik
Amandas  sangram shah
Khokhar tribe  Punjab
Baloch   divided into small clans


Fill in the blanks

……………and …………….tribes had dominance in Multan and Sindh. [Langha and Arghun]

……………was a historical work composed in the ahom language.[Buranji]

Members of the tribe were connected with each other by ……………….. practice. [tribal]


State true or false

Akbar’s general Mansingh attacked and conquered the cher tribe. [false]

Gujarat is inhabited by tribes like Mizo,ahom and khokhar.[false]

Gond people could manufacture cannons.[false]

South India was inhabited by people of vetar,koraga and marwar tribes.[true]


Answer the following questions:


On which factor does the life of tribes depend?

The lives of tribal people are based on forest products and agriculture for their survival. However, the things produced by their art and skills are also very important sources of their livelihood.


Important Key Points of the Chapter

Scheduled Tribes:- the constitution of India includes specific Adivasi groups in the schedule who protect traditional culture. these groups are known as schedule tribes.

Animal husbandry played an important role in Adivasi’s livelihood.

The major identity of the Adivasi community is found in their distinctive traditions, dialects as well as festivals.

Panch is an important part of their society and they work to maintain their tradition.




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