GSEB Class 7 Components of the Environment and Interrelationships

GSEB Class 7 Components of the Environment and Interrelationships


Answer the following questions in one sentence:


State the components of the environment.

The four main components of the environment are:-

  • Lithosphere
  • Hydrosphere
  • Atmosphere
  • Biosphere


Which are the main sources of fresh water?

Glaciers, groundwater, freshwater lakes, rivers, streams, etc. are some of the main sources of freshwater.


How much is the time period between two tides?

The period between two tides is 12 hours 25 minutes.


Which pollution induces irritability in the nature of man?

Noise pollution induces irritability in the nature of man.


What is land pollution?

Land pollution refers to the degradation of land or soil (or its nutrients).


Answer the following questions:


What is a man-made environment?

A man interacts with his surrounding environment, he changes it according to his need. In ancient times, men lived a nomadic life, they adapted the environment to fit their needs. They lived simply and their needs were limited, so they met all of their needs from the environment.


Write the measures to prevent land pollution.

We can prevent land pollution by following methods:

  • Reduce the use of plastic and pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
  • Pesticides should be used sparingly.
  • Solid waste should be sorted and reused.
  • Plastic/solid waste should be recycled and reused.
  • Drip and sprinkler irrigation systems should be used in agriculture.


Which steps should be taken to prevent air pollution?

Measures to control air pollution:-

  • To prevent air pollution, the government should form laws and strictly enforce them.
  • Equipment for filtering smoke and toxic gas should be developed.
  • Coal, petrol,petrol. diesel etc. should be used as per requirement only.
  • The use of pollution-free CNG, PNG, and solar energy should be encouraged.
  • Awareness should be spread to travel in public transport.


Mention the steps taken by you to prevent noise pollution.

Measures to prevent noise pollution:-

  • Soundproof systems and curtains should be installed in cinemas and public halls.
  • Unnecessary noise should be avoided on social occasions, festivals, inaugural functions, etc.
  • More trees should be planted around industries and airports.
  • No horn-silence zone rule should be strictly followed by schools and hospitals.
  • The use of fireworks in celebrations should be avoided.
  • Machines and vehicles should be serviced regularly.


Give reasons:

Tides occur in the sea.

On the sea, high tides occur. The sea rises and falls twice each day. Seawater rises and falls at the time of high tide and ebb. At high tide, seawater bulges towards the shore whereas at ebb the water returns to the sea from the shore. The time interval between two tides is approximately 12.25 hours. Tide occurs on the earth due to the gravitational force of the sun and the moon.


High tides occur on the new moon day and full moon day.

  • During new and full moons, the sun, earth, and moon form a straight line.
  • Because of the gravitational force of the sun and moon, the seawater rises and large waves are created.
  • The gravitational force exerted by the sun and moon on every full moon and new moon day are in the same direction. as a result, high tide occurs.


Fill in the blanks:


The atmosphere absorbs ………sun rays and protects living beings. [Ultra-violet]

Sound pollution is also called…………….pollution.[Noise]

When the seawater rushes towards the shore, it is called…………..[Tide]





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