GSEB Class 7 Disaster Management Solutions

GSEB Class 7 Disaster Management


Fill in the blanks:

Disasters are commonly known as a calamity, happening or ……….[hazard]

A vicious/wanton atmospheric storm is known as a hurricane or …………[cyclone]

Destructive waves created by earthquakes at the bottom of the ocean are known as …………….[tsunami]


Match the following:

Earthquake cannot be predicted
Flood  can be predicted


Answer the following questions in one or two sentences:


Write names of any four natural disasters.

Some of the natural disasters are earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, and drought.

What is a cyclone?

Enormous atmospheric storms arise from the conditions of an imbalance in the atmospheric air pressure known as hurricanes or cyclones. When the cyclone strikes, it creates heavy destruction and havoc. heavy destructive effects are experienced on the east coast of India


Which factors are responsible for the floods to occur?

Man-made constructions that are made by neglecting natural slope, obstruction of natural drainage is also responsible for floods. in large cities, due to heavy rain sometimes the water-logging-like situation takes the form of a flood.


Answer the following questions:


What precautions should be taken during the earthquake?

Precautions to be taken while earthquake

  • Sit under the bench/table in the classroom or houses.
  • Stay away from electric poles and wires.
  • Know about the authentic news through radio and TV.
  • Not to use the elevator to get down from tall buildings.
  • Not to switch on devices like gas or electricity in the house.


State the effects of disasters.

  • Disasters like an earthquake, floods, tsunamis, and hurricanes, cause huge loss of life and property on a large scale.
  • It takes years to reconstruct roads, houses, and public amenities in affected areas.
  • Families who have lost their loved ones during a disaster are saddened and depressed.
  • In disaster, people who became permanently disabled, have a severe problem with rehabilitation.
  • Families who have lost their earning members face great problems.



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