GSEB Class 7 Social Science Effects of Atmosphere on Living Beings

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GSEB Class 7 Effects of Atmosphere on Living Beings


Answer the following questions in one sentence:

Upto how many kilometers does the troposphere extend over the equator?

The troposphere extends 16 kilometers over the equator.


Which trees are found in tropical evergreen forests?

Rosewood,Ebony,Mahigany and rubber trees are found in tropical evergreen forests.


Which animals are more common in coniferous forests?

Monkeys ,Polar bears,Musk deer and Yak are commonly found in coniferous forests.


What kind of clothes do the people of the desert region wear? Why?

People who live in hot deserts put on scarfs or head gear to protect themselves from constantly blowing sand.

What is the southwest wind called?

The southwest wind is also called monsoon winds.


Write short notes:

Temperate grassland

The grass that grows in the middle of the continents with a moderate climate is short and nutritious. The region is home to animals such as buffalo, bison, and antelope. This type of grass is found in the Velavadararar of Bhavnagar and the Banni area of Kutch in Gujarat. Depending on where they are found, they may be called steppe in Eurasia, prairie in the foothills of the Rockies, pampa in Argentina, and Uruguay in South America.


Forests of the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean forests are found near the Mediterranean sea, which is mostly found on the continents of Europe, Africa, and Asia. The climate in this region is neither dry nor humid in summer nor cold nor humid in winter. Oranges, figs, olives, grapes, and other citrus fruit plants grow in these regions.

Isotope cover


Atmospheric pressure

There is a layer of air surrounding us. Atmospheric pressure is the result of a huge layer of air pushing against the surface of the earth. The pressure of the atmosphere is greater on the surface of the ocean. As we move higher from the surface of the earth, the atmospheric pressure decreases. Low pressure occurs when gases become hot and move upward in a region with high temperatures. Humidity and cloudy weather are associated with low pressure. Low-temperature regions have a cool atmosphere, which increases the pressure.


Answer the following questions:

What is climate? State the effects of climate on human life.

Climate is determined by the average weather conditions of a region for the past 35 years or more. Climate is determined by the local conditions of temperature, humidity, rainfall, and air pressure. Climate directly affects the ecology, fauna, and human life of an area.

Effects of climate on Human Life

  • In cold regions, people wear woolen clothes to cover their entire bodies.
  • In warm climates, people wore cotton and loose clothing.
  • In deserts where sand is constantly flying, people wrap a cloth around their heads.
  • Human nature is lazy in areas with hot and humid climates, but in temperate areas, the working capacity is greater because of the pleasant climate.


Describe the tropical evergreen forest.

In this region, there is a hot and humid climate due to heavy rain throughout the year. The leaves of the plants in this region do not fall together, they remain green throughout the year and are thus called evergreen forests. In this region, rosewood, ebony, mahogany and other woods are found, and similar forests are found in the Andaman and Nicobar islands.


Fill in the following blanks with the correct word:

  • Reflection of radio-wave is attributed to …………layer.[Ionosphere]
  • Pashmina-goat is found in …………. [Kashmir]
  • Polar winds blowing from the poles toward the polar circle are …………[very cold]

Extra  Fill in the blanks from the Chapter

The ……….. is affected by atmospheric disturbances, structure of air ,sound waves, lightning, rain, etc.

The height at which the temperature stops decreasing is called the………..

The layer of the atmosphere extending up to an altitude of 50 km from the  tropopause is called …………

The level of heat in the atmosphere is called…………….

…………….is an important factor that affects the distribution of temperature .

The gaseous sphere which surrounds the earth is called ………..

The air becomes ………… we rise high from the surface of the earth 

Hydrogen and Helium gases are found in the atmosphere above the height of ………… 

………is found in the atmosphere up to the height of 130 km

Oxygen is found in the atmosphere up to the height of …………km

…………is founded in the atmosphere up to the height of only 20 km 

The first layer of the atmosphere starting from the earth surface is called……..

The huge layer of the air exerts pressure on the surface of the earth according to its weight which is called ………

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