Gseb Class 7 Rajput Age-New Ruler and States

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Gseb Class 7 Rajput Age-New Ruler and States Question Answers


Gseb Class 7 Rajput Age-New Ruler and States Question Answers | GSEB Class 7 Social Science Solutions | for the students of Gujarat Board


[Q]  Answer the following questions in one sentence:


Who built Rani Ki vav?

It was Raji udaymati who built the world-famous stepwell “Rani Ki Vav” in Patan that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Where did the rulers of the Chauhan dynasty initially rule?

The Chauhan dynasty ruled first in Shakambari during the 8th century. Shakambari is located to the north of Ajmer; Vasudev was the founder of the Chauhan dynasty of Shakambari. Apart from these many chiefs of this dynasty ruled in Gujarat and Rajasthan.


Who founded anhilwad Patan?

Vanraj chawda made the new town named anhilwad patan after his friend anhil bharwad.


Who was the last ruler of Vaghela dynasty?

Karandev Vaghela is the last ruler of this dynasty.


[Q] Write short notes on the following:

Characteristics of the Rajputs

They fought many great battles and were brave warriors. Ministers, officials, and feudal chiefs belonged to the upper class and were given privileges allowing them to accumulate wealth. The clan gave shelter to the refugees and their foes as they were fearless, egoistic, and loyal to their clan.


Trade and commerce during the Rajput era:

In the Rajput era, there was a separate department for arranging for the collection of tax from foreign trades, determining the value of things, and buying essential commodities required by the state. The main source of tax collection was land revenue, which was one-sixth of production revenues. Ports, check-posts, and irrigation were also sources of tax revenue.


[Q] Answer the following questions:

Name any three major dynasties of north India.

Chandel Dynasty, Parmar Dynasty, and Chauhan Dynasty.


Name any three major dynasties of south India.

Chalukya Dynasty, Rashtrakut Dynasty, and Chola Dynasty.


Which public welfare works were done by Rajmata Meenaldevi?

Minaldevi did a lot of things for the people. In addition to constructing Malav Lake in Dholka, she was the one who stopped the pilgrimage tax at Somnath.


Question: find the correct option from the following options and write the correct answer:


After the death of which king in north India, small states became independent?

  • Pulkeshi ii
  • Harshvardhan
  • Mihirbhoj
  • Ashok

Bundelkhand was known by which name later on?

  • Jejakabhukti
  • Ujjaini
  • Pratihar
  • Chalukya

Which of the following rulers is not among the rulers of the Parmar dynasty of malwa?

  • Kumarpal
  • Bhoj
  • Siyuk
  • Munj

Which dynasty rules Bengal in the 8th century?

  • Chandel dynasty
  • Parmar dynasty
  • Pala dynasty
  • Pratihars

Rani Ki vav was constructed during the reign of which dynasty?

  • Chavda dynasty
  • Solanki dynasty
  • Vaghela dynasty
  • Maitrak dynasty


Match the appropriate pairs

States Rulers
Sen Dynasty Vijaysen – I
Solanki Dynasty Kumarpal
Pala Dynasty Gopal
Rashtrakuta Dynasty Govind-III
Pallava Dynasty Narsinhverman-II


Important dates:-

700 AD to 1200 AD – 500 years of Rajput Era .

820 AD – Krishna raj Founded Parmar Dynasty

1191 AD – Prithviraj Chauhan Defeated Shihabuddin Ghori.

1192 AD – Prithviraj Chauhan Was Defeated by Shihabuddin Ghori.

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