GSEB Class 7 Social Science Chapter 19 Markets

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GSEB Class 7 Social Science Chapter 19 Markets Que Ans


Class 7 Social Science Chapter 19 Question Answer | GSEB Class 7 Social Science Solutions | Chapter 19 markets Que and Ans for GSEB kids


Answer the following questions in one-two line each:


[Q] what is a market?

[A] A market is a place where shops sell things. A market is a place where sellers and buyers meet and buy so many things. People go to the market to buy things.


[Q] What kind of expenses are usually not incurred by the trader in the gujri market?

[A] The Gujri market is also called the weekly market. Here, merchants bring their goods to sell during the daytime and return by evening. This allows them to sell goods at cheaper prices because they do not have to pay rent, electricity, taxes, or daily wages to helpers.


[Q] Why is a controlled market required?

[A] In the absence of a proper system of sale of farm products, farmers were exploited. The government created APMC, a controlled market and marketing yard. The government ensures that farmers do not fall victim to its regulations on product sales and can obtain fair prices for their products.


[Q] What precautions should be taken while purchasing edible items?

[A] They should be marked with an expiration date. The products should list the ingredients. The customer should make sure he gets the proper amount of product.


[Q] Who all earns in the process of goods, reaching from manufacturer to the customer?

[A] Several people earn income from this process: manufacturers, advertisers, transporters, distributors, retailers, small vendors, etc.


Answer the following questions point wise:


[Q] Describe the types of markets and explain their requirements.

[A] There are different types of markets such as

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