GSEB Class 8 Chapter 1 Establishment of European and British Rule in India

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Chapter 1 Establishment of European and British Rule in India


[1] Answer the following questions in one sentence:


[Q] Which European nations had tried to find a sea route to India?

European nations like Portugal, Spain, Holland, and the Portuguese tried to find a sea route to India.


[Q] Why were the Europeans in need of Indian spices?

The people of Europe were largely carnivores and needed Indian spices to preserve their meat.


[Q] Which war resulted in the introduction of dual system rule in Bengal?

After the Battle of Buxar in 1764 AD dual system came into existence.


[Q] Under which act was the supreme court established?

The Supreme court was established by the Regulating ACT [1773 AD]


[Q] Write Short notes on

Battle of Plassey:-

The Battle of Plassey was fought between Siraj-ud-Daulah and the British in 1757 C.E. On June 23, 1757, Clive’s soldiers and the nawab took part in a battle near Murshidabad called Plassey. A nawab’s general faced off against the British but was defeated because of Mir Jafar’s treachery. Mir Jafar was made Nawab and Siraj ud daula was captured and killed. The Nawab gave 24 Parganas to the British and allowed them to trade without excise duty. After the battle of Plassey, the entire Bengal came under British control.


Battle of Buxar:-

MIR Qasim nawab of Bengal met nawab of Mahadh and the Mughal emperor decided to expel the British from India. The British army under the leadership of major Munro fought against these 3 rulers who had an army of 50K soldiers and defeated them together in the battle of Buxar. The British won and the war of Plassey made their motive firm. There were no opponents in India to challenge the British who had defeated these three rulers together. The battle of Buxar gave the British all rights to Bengal, Bihar, and Orissa.


Anglo Maratha War:-

After the first war between the Marathas and the British, the treaty of Salabai was signed. Each of them returned to his own territory, so no one was defeated. In the second Maratha War, from 1803 to 1805 AD, the British established their authority over the Marathas. Orissa, Agra, and Delhi came under British control. The Maratha power was utterly destroyed in the Third Anglo-Maratha War, from 1817 to 1819 AD. The Peshwa was sent to Bithur near Kanpur with a pension.


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