GSEB Class 8 Chapter 16 Parliament and Law

GSEB Class 8 Chapter 16 Parliament and Law


Fill in the blanks

  • There are ……………. houses in the parliament of our country. [2]
  • The whole administration of our nation is carried out in the name of the………….[]
  • There are in all……members in the parliament of our country.[545]
  • The upper house of the Indian parliament is known as……………[Rajya Sabha]
  • ……………….is the constitutional head of our country.[President]


Answer the following questions in 1 or 2 sentences.


  • [Q] Where is our parliament located?
  • Our parliament is located in New Delhi.


  • [Q] What age is required to be eligible for being a member of parliament?
  • The required age to be a member of parliament is 25 years.


  • [Q] What is the term for a member of Rajya Sabha?
  • The term for Rajya Sabha members is 6 years.


Write short notes on

Functions of the prime minister.

  • The prime ministers carry out the task of allocating various ministers/departments to the council of ministers and monitor and coordinate their activities. Policy level decisions are also taken by him.
  • The president formally appoints the ministers of the union council of ministers, with the advice of the prime minister.
  • It is the prime minister who decides whom to include in the council of ministers and whom to keep out.
  • Meetings of the council of ministers are chaired by the prime minister.
  • Both the prime minister and the executive are constitutionally responsible to answer the questions raised by the members of the parliament.

The parliament

Parliament is necessary and important to run and manage the country. parliament consists of two houses and both the houses participate equally in the process of formation and making amendments in laws. The parliament of our country is located in Delhi. The parliament of India consists of the president and the two houses. The upper house are known as the Rajya Sabha and the Lower House is known as the Lok Sabha. members of these two houses are generally known as the members of parliament.

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