GSEB Class 8 Chapter 7 Art in Modern India

GSEB Class 8 Chapter 7 Art in Modern India


GSEB Class 8 Chapter 7 Art in Modern India Textual Exercise

[Q-2] Write short notes on:

Raja Ravi Varma

Ravi Varma was born in 1848 in the Kilimanoor village of Kerala and was born into a royal family. In his time, western art had a great influence on art

Theodore Jensen and European guest painters from royal families taught Ravi Varma art and gave him guidance to develop his distinctive style

He painted realistic portraits and his technique was more important than emotions. He was highly praised for his oil paintings depicting mythological scriptures and Sanskrit literature. It contains goddess Sarasvati, Virat darbar, Ganga, Urvashi, and Shakuntala Portrait of a Lady.

In 1894, Raja Ravi Varma opened a printing press in Ghatkopar Mumbai. The low prices of the pictures enabled the common people to buy them. The kings of Vadodara and Bhavnagar had invited Raja Ravi Varma to make mythological paintings and portraits of the royal family. A few of his paintings are preserved in the Trivandrum museum and the Fateh Singh art gallery in Vadodara, and he was named Kaiser-e-hind by the British government in Bhavnagar in 2012.


Rajput Style

From the 10th to the 16th centuries, the Rajput style was popular in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh under the patronage of Rajput Kings. Since Rajput Kings patronized traditional printers, in the paintings of these printers, the lives of the Rajput Kings, their customs attire, festivals, etc. have been at the center. Radha Krishna, Krishna bhakti Raasleela, Rajasthani folk-life has also been popularized by the Rajput painting style, also known as Rajasthani Style which originated in Bundi Kishangarh Bikaner and Jodhpur. 


Kangra Style

Kangra style is also a prominent aspect of the Indian painting style. this style was developed by Rajasthan and Mughal printers in the region of the Himalayan mountains Kullu Chamba and Mandi where explain Centre was a great painter of this general the main theme of this style is Lord Krishna and devotion towards Krishna in addition to the beauty of the Himalaya


[Q-1] Write the answers of the following question in one sentence:


(1) Who established Kala Bhavan in Vadodara?

The Kala Bhavan was founded in Vadodara by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad.


(2) Where did the pal painting style spread?

Pal painting spread to Bengal, Bihar, Nepal, and Tibet.

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