GSEB Class 8 Disaster Management

Last updated on February 26th, 2023 at 11:46 am

GSEB Class 8 Chapter 14 Disaster Management


Answer the following questions in one sentence


[Q] What is a natural disaster?

An event caused by natural forces or circumstances is called a natural disaster.


[Q] Which are predictable natural disasters?

Predictable natural disasters include floods, cyclones, tsunamis, and epidemics


[Q] Which are unpredictable natural disasters?

Unpredictable natural disasters include earthquakes, volcanoes, forest fires, and landslides


[Q] Which are man-made disasters?

The most common man-made disasters are fires, explosions in bombs, and industrial accidents.


[Q] What is a forest fire?

The fire that spreads over a forest or grassland and destroys it is called a forest fire


[Q] In which particular areas do the landslides occur the most?

Updated: 26 Feb 2023 — 11:46 am

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