Gseb Class 8 English Writing About Writing

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Gseb Class 8 English Writing About Writing

Gseb Class 8 English Writing About Writing Extra Question and Answers.


Who was Jim?

Jim was a boy who worked for Tom’s family.


What was Tom supposed to do that morning?

Tom was supposed to paint the fence in front of the house.


Why did Tom feel sad when he looked at the fence?

The fence was long and high, which made the task of painting it difficult and overwhelming for Tom.


What did Tom do to try to get Jim to paint the fence?

Tom tried to convince Jim to paint the fence by giving him one of his playthings and showing him the spot where he claimed he had hurt his leg.


Did Jim agree to paint the fence?

Initially, Jim refused to paint the fence and went to fetch water, but after Tom persuaded him and distracted him, Jim eventually ran away, leaving Tom to paint the fence on his own.


Who was Aunt Polly, and why was Tom trying to convince Jim not to fear her?

Aunt Polly was Tom’s guardian or family member. Tom was trying to reassure Jim that Aunt Polly wouldn’t hurt him for not painting, because her words or scolding would do no real harm, except make him cry.


What happened when Jim looked at Tom’s foot?

Tom used a distraction tactic, showing Jim his foot and offering a plaything. After looking at Tom’s foot, Jim ended up running away, leaving Tom to paint the fence on his own.


What task was Tom supposed to do?

Tom was tasked with painting a fence.


How did Tom entice others to help him paint the fence?

Tom pretended that painting the fence was an enjoyable and exclusive activity, making it seem desirable. This intrigued his friends, and they offered to help in exchange for small treasures and the chance to join in.


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