GSEB English Class 7 Exploring Poetry Solutions

GSEB English Chapter 4 Exploring Poetry Solutions

GSEB English Chapter 4 Exploring Poetry Solutions | Class 7 GSEB English Textbook Solutions | for the students of Gujarat Board Exams….

Activity 4

Match A with B

Faint   feeling sleepy
Ceasing   comes through loud and clear
Wrought   brought about
Drowsy     weak
Shrill       stop existing or happening

Activity 5

Answer the following questions with reference to the poem.


Que- What happens when all the birds faint in the heat of the sun?

Answer – When all the birds are faint in the heat of the sun, they hide in cooling trees.


Que- When can one hear the cricket’s song?

Answer – One can hear the cricket’s song because silence is everywhere.


Activity 7

Complete the following ladder



There is life on the planet earth

The northeastern part of India is full of hills

Woolens is to winter, as cotton is to summer

Trees help in keeping the surroundings pure

Sing a song of six pence

The grass is always green on the other side of the fence.


Activity 8

Que- Give as many rhyming words as you can for the following.

Sun – Run, Fun

Lone – Tone, Gone

Shrill – Drill, Thrill, Grill

Weed – Deed, Feed


Activity 9

Who am I


Que- I am a large brown insect that is sometimes found in warm places or where food is kept.

Answer – Cockroach


Que- I am a small insect that bites and sucks the blood of the people, sometimes also causing malaria.

Answer – Mosquito


Que- I am a type of beetle producing light from the body.

Answer – Firefly


Que- I am an insect with long, black legs and I jump high into the air and make a vibrating sound.

Answer – Grasshopper


Que- I am a bright-colored insect with a long, thin body and two sets of wings.

Answer – Butterfly


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