GSEB Class 7 Exploring Values Solutions

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GSEB English Chapter 4 Exploring Values Solutions

Chapter 4 Exploring Values Solutions | Class 7 GSEB English Textbook Solutions | for the students of Gujarat Board Exams….

Activity 3

Match A with B

[1] Gazed [a] to become easy
[2] Smothering [b] to go against
[3] To feel strong about [c] troubling
[4] Miracle [d] an angry expression on the face
[5] Idiot [e] beat
[6] Thrash [f] someone who is not good for anything
[7] Scowl [g] the happening of something unbelievable or unexpected
[8] Harassing [h] to be sure of something
[9] Contradict [I] trying to smile
[10] Plain sailing [j] looked fixedly

Solutions :1- J ,  2-I , 3-H ,  4-G ,   5-F,  6-E,  7-D,  8-C,  9-B,  10-A

Note- Synonym of smother is to choke or suffocate.

Chapter 4 Exploring Values Solutions Activity 4 & 5

We are not taught this kind of thing at school. “why do you think swami said the above sentence?

Swami could not answer this question because such questions were not explained to him in school so he told his father that We are not taught this kind of thing at school.


Why did father think swami was an idiot?

Due to his inability to solve even a simple problem in simple proportions, father believed Swami was an idiot.


How did father make swami give the answer? Do you think he helped swami in arriving at the correct answer?

His father gave hints to him and at the end swami could answer the question.


Why did swami burst into tears in the end?

Swami tried to solve the problem, but was confused and tolerated his father’s anger. He burst into tears when he found a solution.


“It was plain sailing after that”
What was plain sailing?

He had come halfway to solving the problem when his father approved that he was on the right track and asked him to continue.

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