GSEB Class 7 Social Science Chapter 18 Means of Communication and Advertisement

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GSEB Grade 7 Chapter 18 Means of Communication and Advertisement


Grade 7 Chapter 18 Means of Communication and Advertisement | GSEB Class 7 Social Science Solutions | for all the students of Gujarat Board.


Fill in the blanks

  • The ……….. card is used to wish good luck to a friend. [ Greeting card]
  • Telegram service was started in India in the year ………… AD. [ 1850 AD]
  • Radio is a ………… means of communication. [Audio]
  • ………… is a popular audiovisual visual means of entertainment. [ Television]
  • ……………. is a very useful tool for getting information about the minerals lying in the earth’s crust. [Artificial satellite]


State whether the following statements are true or false:

  • Rakhis can be sent by Inland letter. [ False]
  • Food is a basic human need. [True]
  • Police use walkie talkie. [True]
  • All the things are shown in the advertisement or of good quality. [False]
  • A mobile phone is an excellent means of communication. [True]


Answer the following questions in one two lines each:


[Q] How is money sent through the post office?

[A] Money is sent via money order from the post office.


[Q] Name any two means of advertisement?

[A] The two means of advertisement are television and radio.


[Q] What is meant by means of communication?

[A] Means of communication are the different ways in which people pass information or messages from one place to another.


[Q] State two advantages of advertisement.

[A] Advertisements have the advantages of allowing the customer to check the quality and price of the item and providing general information about the item.


[Q] Which advertisements does the government make for social awareness?

[A] Advertisements promoting no to child marriage, health, population control, education of daughters, and prevention of malnutrition in children are made by the government for the social awareness of the society.


Write short notes:


[Q] Disadvantages of advertisement

[A] The disadvantages of advertisements are-

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