GSEB Class 8 Chapter 11 Agriculture

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GSEB Social Science Class 8 Chapter 11 Agriculture


Answer the following questions:

[Q] State the factors affecting agriculture.

Ans. Agriculture is influenced by the following factors, –

Physical factors:

Climate: The type of crops that can be grown depends on the temperature and rainfall. Rice grows in tropical and wet climates, whereas wheat grows in cooler and dryer climates.

Relief: – Crops can be grown at different altitudes and on different slopes. Most crops grow well on plains, but some crops, like tea, need well-drained soils.

Soil: – Crop cultivation is affected by the type of soil. Fertile soils produce more crops, whereas poor soils produce less or require more fertilizer.

Socio-economic factors: – Farming is influenced by capital and technology. Better farm inputs like seeds, manure fertilizers, irrigation facilities, and implements require capital. Technology is needed to increase crop yields.


[Q] What does the government do to help farmers develop agriculture?

The government provides farmers with continuous information, new technologies and guidance through radio, television, newspapers, kisan channel, kisan sms on mobile, toll free number 1800 180 1551 [kisan call center] as well as e-khedut farmer webportal. agricultural credit is provided to farmers for financial assistance through kisan credit cards and nationalized and co-operative banks.


[Q] Which are the main crops grown in Gujarat?

Wheat, rice, and ragi is the main crop grown in Gujarat.


[Q] Name the types of agriculture?

The types of agriculture are:

  • Subsistence farming
  • Shifting farming
  • Intensive farming
  • Dry farming
  • Wet farming
  • Horticulture


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