Hachiko Class 3 Question Answer

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Hachiko Class 3 Question Answer

Hachiko Class 3 Question Answer | New Pathway Class 3 English | question and answers for all the students of cbse / icse board.


  • Book – New pathway Class 3 English
  • Writer – Mala Palani
  • Subject – English
  • Board – CBSE or ICSE

Answer the following questions:-


  • Que: Where is Mrs. Daisuke’s newspaper stall?
  • Ans: Mrs. Daisuke’s newspaper stall is at Shibuya station.


  • Que: Why did rei Chan get scared? did she remain scared for long? Why?
  • Ans: Rei Chan was scared because she thought it was a wolf. No, she did not stay away from him for long because she had befriended Hachiko.


  • Que: Why do you think rei Chan was surprised to see Hachiko’s behavior?
  • Ans: Rei Chan was surprised to see Hachiro’s behavior because she never imagined a pet dog and a human being could share such a deep bond.


  • Que: Did rei Chan want to leave Hachiko alone on the night of 21 May 1925?
  • Ans: Rei Chan did not want to leave Hachiko alone on the night of 21 May 1925.


  • Que: Who was Hachiko?
  • Ans: Hachiko was an Akita bred Japanese dog. He was a very faithful and loyal dog.


  • Que: Who was Dr. Ueno?
  • Ans: Dr. Ueno was a professor at Tokyo Imperial University.


  • Que: Where did Hachiko go with the professor every day?
  • Ans: At the railway station.


  • Que: What happened to the professor one day?
  • Ans: The professor never returned home after he died at his workplace.


  • Que: What place did Hachiko wait for the professor? What was the duration of his wait for his master?
  • Ans: Hachiko waited at the railway station for ten years.


  • Que: In what way did the Japanese pay homage to Hachiko?
  • Ans: At the same railway station where Hachiko used to wait for his master, the Japanese erected a bronze statue of him.


  • Que: Who is the master of Hachiko?
  • Ans: Dr. Ueno was the master of Hachiko.


  • Que: What did Hachiko do after Ueno died?
    Ans: He would go to the railway station daily to receive his master.


  • Que: Why did people make statues of Hachiko?
    Ans: People made statues of Hachiko to make him immortal for his loyalty and faithfulness.


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