Maths Practice Questions for Class 3

Maths Practice Questions for Class 3

Maths Practice Questions for Class 3 | IMO Sample Papers Class 3: Olympiad class 3 question paper of IMO (Level 1)  with solutions, These questions are taken from the past year papers of IMO .


There are _____ thousands in 964380.

A. 64

B. 68

C. 86

D. 46

Solution :- In this questions 6 is at 10,000 position and 4 is at 1000 position. So the correct answer is 64.

Garima puts 154 marbles into each of her 20 boxes. She has 28 marbles left. How many marbles does she have altogether?

A. 3052

B. 3108

C. 3080

D. 3256


6 pens and 3 pencils cost Rs. 42. If a pencil cost Rs. 2, then how much does a pen cost?

A. Rs. 6

B. Rs. 7

C. Rs. 4

D. Rs. 8


A toy shop has 150 cars and 101 trains. It has 45 more dolls than the number of cars and trains together. How many dolls does the shop have?

A. 286

B. 251

C. 296

D. 301


On 1st December, there were 1275 tourists in Kerala. On 2nd December, 983 more tourists came in, and 1163 left for Goa. How many tourists were there in Kerala on 2nd December?

A. 2095

B. 2258

C. 1195

D. 1095


A man buys 45 bananas for his monkeys every day. How many bananas does he buy in the month of September?

A. 1285

B. 1350

C. 1850

D. 1395



Nita’s doll costs Rs. 243. Varun’s remote-controlled car costs 4 times as much as the doll. How much does Varun’s car cost?

A. Rs. 246

B. Rs. 827

C. Rs. 972

D. Rs. 729


A cow gives 4 L 345 mL of milk on Wednesday and 3 L 645 mL on Thursday. On which day did it give more milk and by how much?

A. Thursday, 543 mL

B. Wednesday, 345 mL

C. Thursday, 700 mL

D. Wednesday, 700 mL


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