In search of peace Buddha and Mahavir class 6 Solutions GSEB

In search of peace Buddha and Mahavir class 6 Solutions


In search of peace –Buddha and Mahavir class 6 Solutions for GSEB Students

Multiple Choice Questions

Where did Gautam Buddha first preach?


Where did Gautama Buddha attained nirvana?


What was the name of Mahavir swami mother?


Where was Mahavir swami born?


In which language did Mahavir swami preach the people?

Prakrit and Ardhmagdhi

Answer the following questions in short:-

What was the main teaching of Gautama Buddha?

Gautam Buddha was a great religious and social reformer according to him: –

  • Karma was more important to the Buddha than god and soul. He opposed Hindu rituals, including the sacrifice of animals in the yagya.
  • He said that being born into a great family does not make one great; he becomes great by his deeds, by his conscience
  • Women can also achieve nirvana through sadhana and duty, as he gave equal importance to both men and women.

What was the main teaching of Mahavir swami?

The teachings of Mahavir swami are known as the doctrine of titrant.

Main teachings are not to do violence[non-violence] ,Follow the truth, never steal anything because theft is the biggest evil, man should not store goods positions organized are few things beyond their requirement, etc.

What were the five mahavratas of Jainism?

The 5 mahavratas are non-violence, truth, Astey, non-possessiveness and brahmacharya. 

In search of peace Buddha and Mahavir class 6 Solutions

Tell whether the following statements are true or false

Both Buddhism and Jainism urged people to take path of peace and nonviolence – true 

Buddha gave his first sermon in Bodhgaya – false

Buddha had attained enlightenment in Sarnath – false

Give the correct answer

What were the similarities in the preaching of Gautam Buddha and Mahavir swami?

The teachings of Mahavir swami and Gautam Buddha are very similar

  • According to Buddha and Mahavir, the world is full of fear and sorrows, and karma is important
  • According to them, we should treat all animals with kindness
  • Every individual should be treated equally and there should be no discrimination between high and low class in society
  • According to them, women should be given the same respect as men. 

Which evils were seen in Gautam Buddha’s time?

During the time of Gautam Buddha, most people were non vegetarians. Hinduism was divided into four varnas, which name the Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and shudra. Women also did not get enough respect during this time.


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