India Earth Surface Climate vegetation and Wildlife Class 6

India Earth Surface Climate vegetation and Wildlife Class 6


Match the column

Column a Column b
One horned rhinoceros Sea shore of Odisha
Sea turtles Wet land region
Migratory birds Assam
Dry region of Kutch,Surendranagar and Patan



State True or False

Gir Lion is also seen in Nalsarovar.

West coast plain is narrower than the east coast plain.

River Kaveri makes a delta region named Sundarban.


Answer in one two lines each

Which rivers have formed the plain to the south of Himalaya?

Ganga, Satluj, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, and their tributaries form the plain to the south of the Himalayas.

From where do migratory birds come to Gujarat?

In winter, migratory birds travel from colder regions to the wetlands and reservoirs in Gujarat to breed.

Answer in 3-4 lines?

What do you know about mangrove forests?

This type of forest grows in salty sea water, and can be seen in Bengal, Gujarat, and on the shore of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The Sundarban region in the delta region bears this type of forest.


Give information about montane forests?

Typically found in mountainous regions, these types of forests feature diverse plants and different species that grow at different altitudes. Plants growing as high as 1500m to 2500m from sea level, have needle-like leaves and a conical shape.


Give the explanation of the word-

Migratory bird-

Birds that migrate are also called tourist birds. Many birds from colder regions come to the reservoirs and wetland areas of our country in winter season. When the winter is over they return to their native places, these birds are called migratory birds.


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