Landforms class 6 GSEB Solutions

Landforms class 6 GSEB Solutions


Landforms class 6 GSEB | Landforms class 6 GSEB Solutions | Landforms class 6 GSEB Worksheets

What is meant by landform?

When a particular part of the land surface takes on a certain height and shape it is called a landform, landforms can be recognized by various names, such as mountain, plateau, plain, and so on.

What is meant by mountains? What are its main types?

An area having a gentle slope or an abrupt slope with a height of more than 900 meters is considered a mountain. On the basis of process of formation, mountains are divided into four groups: fold mountains, block mountains, volcanic mountains, and residual mountains.

Differentiate between mountain and plateau?

A mountain is a land area exceeding 900 metres above sea level with a gentle and abrupt slope, while a plateau is an area with height higher than 180 metres but less than 900 metres above sea level, and flat land at its peak.


Select the correct option

  • Satpura of india is…………  type of mountain.
  • A piece of land surrounded by mountain ranges from all four sides is called……… Plateau.
  • Flat piece of land having average…….. Height from sea level is called plain.
  • Huang ho plain is a……..  type of plain.


  • Block
  • Intermontane
  • Approximately upto 180 mtrs
  • Depositional


Recognise me

I am surrounded by the land from three sides. ………Gulf

My end extends out into the sea up to a certain extent………Cape

I am known as an island…………land surrounded by water from all sides

I connect to water areas……….Strait

I have sea on my three sides and land on one side………..Peninsula

Write Short Notes on

Block Mountain –

In response to geological forces, cracks are formed as a result of pulling force applied to the Earth’s surface, and the surrounding area becomes submerged, while the central part remains stable, forming block mountains.

Nilgiri Satpura Vindhyachal mountains of India are the best examples of block mountains

Importance of plateau –

Plateau soils are fertile and very favorable for cotton cultivation.

The ancient solid rocks of the plateaus contain precious minerals such as iron, manganese, and gold .A plateau’s slopes play an important role in cattle rearing; they are also an important location for film and tourism industries.

Depositional plain:-

Such plains are formed by the deposition of alluvium by rivers, glaciers, and wind in lakes and seas. They are also called riverline plains and depositional plains.

Extra Question Answers –

What are the major landforms of the earth ?

The Major landforms of the earth are –

  • Mountains
  • Plateaus
  • Plains


What are the different types of mountains ?

The different types of mountains are –

  • Fold Mountains
  • Block Mountain
  • Volcanic Mountain
  • Residual Mountain.

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