Living And Non Living Things For Class 3 Q & A

Chapter 3 Living and Non-Living things worksheet for Grade 3 CBSE


What Is Living Things And Non Living Things for class 3 questions and answers frank science class 3 science solution for ICSE and CBSE board……………

Section 1

Write true or false

  • Some non-living things breathe in air – An – False
  • Birds give birth to young ones Ans – False
  • Fish use their fins to swim in the water. Ans-True
  • Animals grow throughout their life. Ans – False
  • All living things grow old and die. Ans-true

 Who am I?

  •  I am one of the oldest tree found on earth. Ans – Bristlecone pine tree
  • I can reproduce from the cutting of my stem. Ans – Rose
  • I am the fastest running bird although I cannot fly. Ans- Ostrich
  • I use my skin to breathe in water. Ans- Frog
  • I am a green substance present in plants. Ans- Chlorophyll

Short Answer Questions

Q-How do plants breathe?

Ans.Plants breathe through the tiny spores present on the leaves called stomata.

Q-Why do animals move from place to place?

Animals move from place to place in search of food.

Q-How does the Mimosa plant respond to touch?

Mimosa plant folds its leaves when we touch, it is also known as touch me not.

Q-Name the different sense organs of the human body?

There are five sense organs are there in the human body

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Tongue
  • Skin

Q-What is Reproduction?

Reproduction is the process in which the plant or animal reproduce its own kind.

Q-How can you say that the horse is alive?

We can say that the horses live because

  • Horse can breathe
  • Horse can move from one place to another
  • Horse can reproduce


  • Q-What are the waste materials that we get from plants?
  • The waste materials we get from plants are gums, latex and resins.


  • Q-What is the lifespan?
  • A living thing has a period of life called lifespan.


  • Q-How do animals reproduce?
  • Animals reproduce by giving birth to young ones.


  • Q-How do fish breathe?
  • Fishes breathe through their gills.


  • Q-Why do animals move from one place to another?
  • Animals move from place to place in search of food water and shelter.


  • Q-What is reproduction?
  •  The process in which living things produce their self kind is called reproduction.


  • Q-How living things breathe?
  •  Human beings and animals breathe through their lungs they use their nostrils to take in air and out.


  • Q-Define warm-blooded animals?
  • Animals that cannot change their body temperature according to their surroundings are called warm-blooded animals.


  • Q-How do birds reproduce?
  •  Birds reproduce by laying eggs.


Q-What are the different sense organs of the human body?

 The different sense organs of the human body are:-

  • Nose
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Skin
  • Tongue


  • Q-What are Natural things?
  •  The things that are not made by man and available in nature are called natural things. Examples are – sun, air, water, etc.


  • Q-What are manmade things?
  •  Things that are made by man are called man-made things .for example – book, pencil, table .chair, etc.


Q-What are the features of living things?

 The important features of living things are:-

  • Living things grow
  • Living things need food and water.
  • Living things move
  • Living things breathe
  • Living things reproduce
  • Living things grow older and die


  • Q-How do plants breathe?
  •  Plants breathe through tiny openings called stomata present on leaves.


  • Q-How do insects breathe?
  •  Insects such as ants and Cockroaches breathe through small holes called spiracles present on the body.


Q- Difference between Living and Non-Living?

  • Living things move while non-living things cannot move
  • Living things breathe while non-living things cannot breathe
  • Living things reproduce while non-living things cannot reproduce

 Extra question and answers

  • The small openings in the leaves are called …… Ans- Stomata
  • Living things obtain …….. and energy from food.Ans- Nutrients
  • Horses and tigers breathe through their ……….Ans – Lungs
  • The ………… of Mimosa plant close when touched.Ans- Leaves
  • Fish use ………. to swim.Ans- fins
  • All living things can ____ from one place to the other. [Move / go]Ans- Move
  • A table cannot move as it is a ______ thing. [Living thing/non living thing]Ans- Non living thing
  • Living things need food, ______ and water to live. [Air /soil]Ans- Air
  • Plants are______ [living thing/non living thing]Ans- Living thing
  • Sunflower always turns towards the ………… [Sun/moon]Ans- sun
  • Animals breathe through their…………….. [Lungs / gills]Ans- Lungs

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