Class 3 Living and Non-Living things

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Class 3 Living and Non-Living things


Class 3 Living and Non-Living things | 03 – Grade 3 Science Question Answers | Question Answers / Solutions /Notes for CBSE / ICSE/State kids


Section 1

Write true or false

  • Some non-living things breathe in air –  False
  • Birds give birth to young ones Ans – False
  • Fish use their fins to swim in the water. Ans-True
  • Animals grow throughout their life. Ans – False
  • All living things grow old and die.Ans-true

 Who am I?

  •  I am one of the oldest tree found on earth. Ans – Bristlecone pine tree
  • I can reproduce from the cutting of my stem. Ans – Rose
  • I am the fastest running bird although I cannot fly. Ans- Ostrich
  • I use my skin to breathe in water. Ans- Frog
  • I am a green substance present in plants. Ans- Chlorophyll

Short Answer Questions


Q-How do plants breathe?

Ans.Plants breathe through the tiny spores present on the leaves called stomata.


Q-Why do animals move from place to place?

Animals move from place to place in search of food.


Q-How does the Mimosa plant respond to touch?

Mimosa plant folds its leaves when we touch, it is also known as touch me not.


Q-Name the different sense organs of the human body?

There are five sense organs are there in the human body

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Tongue
  • Skin


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