Maths Olympiad Questions for Class 1 – Set 2

Maths Olympiad for class 1 Online Test – Question Bank

Maths Olympiad for class 1 Online Test , Here are some questions in this online test which is taken for previous year question paper for kids to prepare for math Olympiad. Every time whenever you attempt the quiz random 15 question will be displayed .To access all questions kids have to attempt the questions multiple times.


1. There are 15 boys and 25 girls in a class. How many children are there in the class?


2. What is 2 − 0 =


3. Find the place value of 4 in 7490.


4. Smallest three digit number is ________


5. Shanaya has 34 candies. She buys 5 more candies. How many candies does she have altogether ?


6. Shanaya had 5 oranges in Box A and 9 oranges in Box B. How many total oranges Shanaya had?


7. Rohan had 20 cookies. He shared his cookies equally with 4 other friends. How many cookies did each person get?


8. There are only 11 hens and 9 chicks in a farm. How many total birds are there in the farm ?


9. Identify the digit at hundreds place in the number 834378.


10. How many sides are there in the triangle ?


11. What comes before 68 and after 66?


12. What is 5 − 3 =


13. Priya’s weight is 5 kg more than the weight of Nitika. If Nitika’s weight is 53 kg, then find the weight of Priya.


14. The place value of digit 9 in 921 is ________.


15. Armaan buys some stickers. He pastes 5 stickers in his notebook and gives 7 stickers to Sam. If Armaan has 3 stickers left, then how many stickers does he buy?



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