Maths Worksheet for Class 2 on Subtraction-01

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Maths Worksheet for Class 2 on Subtraction


Maths Worksheet for Class 2 on Subtraction-01 | Subtraction worksheet for Grade 2 Kids by online shiksha

  1. Ishu has 9 pencils. Taksh has 5 pencils. who has more pencils? how many more pencils does he have?
  2. There are 9 Parrots on the branch of a tree.7 Parrots are green in color. how many Parrots are not green in color?
  3. On the occasion of children’s day, Shanaya got 28 cupcakes and Manya got 25 cupcakes. who got more cupcakes and how many more?
  4. Shanaya has 36 marbles. she gives 15 marbles to her friend Manya. how many marbles are left with her?
  5. Ishu has 14 kites, of these 11 kites are yellow in color. how many kites are not yellow in color?
  6. Shanaya has 15 stickers. Manya has 17 stickers. who has less stickers and how many less?
  7. There are 26 beads in a bowl. Shanaya uses 9 beads to make a bracelet. how many beads are left in the bowl?
  8. On a apple tree, there were 35 apples. A monkey ate 17 apples. how many apples are still left on the tree?
  9. Shanaya has 43 crayons. she gave 25 crayons to her friend Manya. who wanted to color a butterfly? how many crayons are left with Shanaya?
  10. There are 27 students in a class.15 students are girls; how many students are boys.
  11. Manya picked 66 flowers and Shanaya picked 47 flowers from a garden. who picked more flowers and how many more?
  12. Shanaya got 15 birthday gifts. she got 3 gifts from her family and the rest from her friends. How many gifts did she get from her friends?
  13. A storybook has a total of 78 pages. Shanaya read 57 pages of the book. how many pages of the book are still left to be read?


Updated: February 16, 2022 — 11:10 am

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