Math Worksheet for Class 3 on Number Sense

Maths Worksheet for Class 3 on Numbers

MCQ On Numbers for Class 3 for the students of State / CBSE /ICSE Students by


What is the difference between the greatest and smallest of five digit numbers ?
Which is the greatest 2-digit number –
One less than 8050 is –
The place value of 8 in 7580 is –
The correct roman numeral for 39 is ?
Tick the correct standard numeral for seven thousand fifty –
Write the smallest 4-digit number using 0 and 5. These may be repeated.
The place value of the digit 9 in 6790 is…..
The smallest 4-digit number is –
Successor of XIX is
The number just after 7009 is –
Sum of the odd numbers between 7 and 12 is …..
The predecessor of 2859 is ______
How many 3 digit numbers are formed by using the digits 0 , 2 and 3
The greatest 4-digit number is –
The place value of 0 in 7709 is ………….
How much is 640 less than 1000?
Predecessor of 9000 is –
Which one of the following digits is at the place of ten thousand in the numerals 91454?
Math Worksheet for Class 3 on Number Sense
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