Mauryan Age-Chandragupta and Emperor Ashoka Class 6 GSEB

Mauryan Age-Chandragupta and Emperor Ashoka Class 6 Solutions


Choose the correct alternative

In all of Chandragupta’s achievements, which of his mentors played an important role in guiding him?

Guru Chanakya

Which of the texts written by Chanakya provides information about the social political and economic system of the time?


Bindusara appointed Ashoka as the governor of which province?


Where did Ashoka send Sangamithra for propagation of Buddhism?


Which of the following was the language of most of the Show Cause writings?



Answer the following questions in short?

How far was Ashoka’s vast Empire spread?

His empire spread from Kandhar and Peshawar on the Northwest border to Nepal in the North, Mysore in the South, Gujarat Saurashtra in the West, Magadh [currently Bihar] in the East, and Kalinga [currently Orissa].

Into how many divisions was the Mauryan Empire divided for administrative ease?

The Maurya Empire was divided into three divisions for administrative ease

Central administration system

Provincial administration system

Regional administration 

Ashoka emphasized on propagation of which of Gautam Buddha’s principles?

Ashoka emphasized the promotion of the Gautama Buddha’s principles of love, compassion, kindness, non-violence, virtue etc.

State the functions of an officer appointed as a Governor?

The functions of an officer appointed as a Governor Are to maintain peace and security, collect revenue to get the orders of the king obey and keeping the emperor constantly aware of the events taking place in the province.

State whether the following statements are true or false

India was written by Megasthenes while Mudra rakshasa was written by Kalhan – False

The task of Dhamma Mahatma was to provide Jainism and raise the moral standard of the people. – False

Chandragupta had spent his last days in Shravanabelagola. – True

During the time of Bindusara, Magadh separated from the Maurya Empire. False

Ashoka embraced Buddhism following teachings of upagupta. True

Some Important Points-

Ashoka father name was Bindusara

The last king of the Mauryan dynasty was Brihadrath.

The huge pillar of Sarnath was built by Emperor Ashoka

Emperor Ashoka adopted Buddhism religion 

Chandragupt Maurya conquered 4 territories by defeating seleucus kabul , kandahar , Heraat and Balochistan.

The inscription of Ashoka is located at Junagadh in Gujarat

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