MCQ on Resource Class 8 Geography

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MCQ on Resource Class 8 Geography


What defines an object or substance as a resource?
a) Its economic value
b) Its rarity
c) Its beauty
d) Its location
Answer: a) Its economic value


Which of the following is an example of a non-renewable resource mentioned in the passage?
a) Solar energy
b) Wind energy
c) Coal
d) Water
Answer: c) Coal


What can transform natural substances into resources over time?
a) Climate change
b) Technology and human needs
c) Geological processes
d) Political decisions
Answer: b) Technology and human needs


Which category of resources includes buildings, bridges, and machinery?
a) Human Resources
b) Natural Resources
c) Renewable Resources
d) Human-Made Resources
Answer: d) Human-Made Resources


What is the term for using resources carefully and allowing them time to renew?
a) Sustainable development
b) Resource transformation
c) Economic development
d) Conservation
Answer: d) Conservation


According to the passage, what is the most important resource?
a) Natural resources
b) Renewable resources
c) Human-made resources
d) People themselves
Answer: d) People themselves


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