Monthly Current Affairs May 2022

Monthly Current Affairs May 2022


Monthly Current Affairs May 2022| Current Affairs 2022 | by online Shiksha


Who won the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year award for 2022?

Answer :- Devdutt Chakraborty


A brahmos missile anti-ship version was successfully tested where?

Answer :- Andaman and Nicobar


Which bank offers a digital ecosystem for small businesses?

Answer :- ICICI Bank


Which city is the first to install a vacuum-based sewer system?

Answer :- Agra


India’s first ‘Amrit Sarovar’ has been established in which city of Uttar Pradesh?

Answer :- Rampur


“Azadi to Antyodaya Tak” is a 90-day campaign launched by whom?

Answer :- Giriraj Singh


SBI Cards has partnered with whom to promote digital transformation?

Answer :- TCS


Which bank has introduced a new mobile banking facility for seniors?

Ans : BOB


The Ministry of Skills has partnered with whom for training technical staff?

Answer :- ISRO


Which airline was the first to implement Gagan system?

Answer :- Indigo Airlines


Where was the inaugural meeting of the ‘Global Patidar Business Conference’ held?

Answer :- Surat


‘Amit Shah Ani Bhajapachi Vachal’ was published by who?

Answer :- Devendra Fadnavis


12 national highway projects of Rs 8000 crore have been inaugurated where?

Answer :- Hyderabad


What is the new name of the Rajasthani railway station Miyan ka Bada?

Answer :- Mahesh Nagar Halt


Khelo India Youth Games 2021-22 will be held where?

Answer :- Panchkula


Which state has become the first to reach 10 GW of solar capacity?

Answer :- Rajasthan


Which woman is the first to climb five peaks above 8000 meters?

Answer :- Priyanka Mohti


What athlete broke the 5000 meters record after 30 years?

Answer :- Avinash Sable


‘Mukhyamantri Free Sewer Connection Scheme’ has been launched by which state government?

Answer :- Delhi


India’s first bio gas powered EV charging station has been inaugurated where?

Answer :- Mumbai


The first Khadi Center of Excellence was inaugurated where?

Answer :- New Delhi


Who has been elected as the president of the Association of Asian Election Authorities?

Answer :- India


Who is behind the Kalam website that promotes and supports local literature?

Answer :- Om Birla


To replace Polytechnic, Tata Technology has partnered with which state government?

Answer :- Assam


What Indian company became the first to reach US$ 100 billion in revenue?

Answer :- Reliance


The President’s Colors were presented to the Assam Police by whom?

Answer :- Amit Shah


In the Forbes Global 2000 list, which Indian firm has become the highest-ranked Indian firm?

Answer :- Reliance


A human-rated HS-200 solid rocket booster has been successfully tested by whom?

Answer :- ISRO


The BOI and Worldline India will digitize e-challan for which state police?

Answer :- Madhya Pradesh


The Girl Child Empowerment Mission was founded by who?

Answer :- NTPC


The Bank of India has signed an agreement with which Indian bank to ease business between India and the United Kingdom?

Answer :- ICICI Bank


Hyderabad’s National Cyber Forensic Laboratory was inaugurated by whom?

Ans: Amit Shah

The Ramgarh Vishdhari Tiger Reserve in which state has been designated as India’s 52nd Tiger Reserve?

Ans: Rajasthan


Madame Tussauds museum to open in which Indian city?

Ans: Noida

The state government of which state has partnered with WEF to fight plastic pollution?

Ans: Maharashtra

What state was the first to pilot drones in the healthcare sector?

Ans: Uttarakhand

Ten-year-old Rhythm Mamania climbed Everest Base Camp in which state?

Ans: Maharashtra

Which state government has ordered 33% reservation for women in outsourced employees in all its departments?

Ans: Karnataka

The National Geographic Society has established the world’s highest weather station in which Himalaya?

Ans: Mount Everest

The most air pollution-related deaths have been recorded in what country?

Ans: India

The first dental health insurance plan in India has been launched by which insurance company?

Ans: PNB MetLife India Insurance

 The first 5G audio and video call in India was successfully tested by which institute?

Ans: IIT Madras


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