More On MS Word Question Answer

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More On MS Word Question Answer

More On MS Word Class 6 Question Answer | Grade 6 Computer Lessons | Questions and Answers for students to prepare for school exams………

Fill in the blanks

  1. MS word is a …………………………software.
  2. The footers are printed ………. inches from the bottom of the page.0.5
  3. Margin option is found in ______ group. (page setup)
  4. To insert a table in MS word, click on …………tab. [insert]

Answer in one word: 

[Q] Which tab contains the header and footer options?

[A] Insert.


[Q] In which view can we see a document’s header and footer?

[A] Print layout view.


[Q] In MS Word 2010, how many types of orientation are there?

[A] There are 2 orientations in MS word 2010, they are: portrait (vertical) and landscape. (horizontal


Answer the following questions:


[Q] What is header and footer in MS word?

[A] The text written in the top margin area of a document is called the header, and the text written in the bottom margin area is called the footer, which usually contains special text.


[Q] What is the purpose of headers and footers?

[A] In a document, a header and footer are used to add extra information related to the document, such as the title, author name, page number, and created date and time.


[Q] Write the steps for inserting headers and footers.

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