Movements and Breathing of Animals Class 5 Que Ans

Movements and Breathing of Animals Class 5

Movements and Breathing of Animals Class 5 question and answers are provided only to help students in their Homework and school exams .

Fill in the blanks

Land animals move by using their limbs.

Animals on land breathe through their lungs.

Fish breathe through their gills.

The lungs of whales and dolphins allow them to breathe.

Insects breathe through holes in their bodies.

A tadpole breathes through its gills.


How Land Animals Move ?

Land animals have four limbs. The two at the front are called forelimbs and the two at the back are called hind limbs. with the help of these limbs they can move.


What is the way dolphins and whales breathe?

Dolphins and whales are water animals, but they are mammals. Their lungs allow them to breathe oxygen on the surface of water but they exhale carbon dioxide through their nostrils [also called blowhole] inside the water.


Snakes don’t have legs; how do they move?

Snakes belong to the reptile family; they have limbs to move, but they lay eggs on the ground by crawling on their bellies.


How do insects breathe?

Insects breathe through holes on their bodies known as spiracles. Trachea are a series of air tubes that run across the whole body. Insects breathe air through these tubes.


Describe the difference between the breathing of a tadpole and a frog.

Tadpoles breathe through their gills in water, but frogs breathe through their lungs on land and through their moist skin in water.


Give examples of cold blooded animals?

snakes, lizards, crocodiles, turtles and tortoises are cold blooded animals.


How do animals breathe?

Land animals breathe through their lungs. Their lungs receive air through the windpipe. Lungs contain blood vessels. The blood carries oxygen to all parts of the body. The blood vessels release carbon dioxide into the lungs, which is then exhaled out by the lungs.


How do birds and reptiles breathe?

Lungs are also found in birds. The holes on the upper portion of their beaks allow them to take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Reptiles have lungs that allow them to breathe


How do aquatic animals breathe?

Aquatic animals consume oxygen dissolved in water.


What are the different methods of breathing in animals?

Land animals breathe through their lungs

A tadpole, a crab, an oyster and a fish breathe through their gills

Whales and dolphins breathe through their nostrils.

Insects breathe through holes on their bodies called spiracles.

Reptiles have lungs that allow them to breathe


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