Ms Paint Questions and Answers for Class 2

Ms Paint Questions and Answers for Class 2

Ms Paint Questions and Answers for Class 2 | Grade 2 Computer Worksheet for all the students to prepare for their final exams and competitions.


Fill in the blanks:

The drawing area is also called the ……[canvas]

To close the paint program, we can also use the ………… button.[cross]

The extension for mspaint file is ………………. [.bmp]

………… tool is helpful to enlarge images.[magnifier]    


Short Questions Answer on Ms Paint.


In MS Paint, what is the Default Background color?

White is the default background colour.


In MS Paint, what is the default foreground color?

Black is the default foreground color.


In which tab of MS Paint do you find the Magnifier, Eraser, and Fill Color tools?

In Toolbox tab.


In MS Paint, how do you spray colors?



In MS Paint, which tool is used to draw a circle?

Oval shape is used to draw a circle.


How do you write a name in MS Paint?

Text tool is used to write a name in paint.


What did we call the area where we could draw shapes and pictures ?

Drawing area / canvas          


What is the tool in MS Paint that is used for Zooming a part of Drawing?

Magnifier tool is helpful to enlarge images.    


How do you move the page up and down in MS Paint?

Vertical Scroll bar   


What tool is used to give shapes color?

Fill Color     


To draw a free-form line, which tool is used?



How do you make your drawing colorful in MS Paint?

Color box


In MS Paint, which tab contains options such as select, crop, resize, and rotate?

In Image tab we find these options.


What is MS Paint?

MS Paint is a drawing program that lets us draw and color pictures on the computer.


What are the parts of a ribbon?

Ribbon has three parts: –

  • Tabs
  • Groups
  • Commands


Foreground colour refers to which color?

Colour 1


What is the name of the color used for the background?

Colour 2


To rub unwanted areas of the drawing, what tool is used?

Eraser tool


What is the use of the pencil tool?

Pencil tool is used to draw free hand drawing.


How does a magnifier tool work?

This is used to enlarge the drawing.


What is the purpose of the brush tool?

Brush tool is used to draw thick and thin lines using different types of brushes.


What is the method for opening a paint ?

To open the main Paint Window.

  • Start > Search> Paint
  • Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint


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