National Symbols of India for kids/youngs

Last updated on July 17th, 2022 at 04:37 pm

 National Symbols of India 


National symbols are the things that show the historical goals and values of a particular country. The national flag, national emblem, and national anthem are the main symbols of the country.

  • National Flag
  • National Anthem
  • National Emblem


National Flag

India’s National flag has three different colors it is also called Tiranga [ tricolor].

The top color is saffron which represents courage and sacrifice.

In the middle of the flag, there is white color which represents the truth and Justice.

The bottom color of the flag is green which represents prosperity.

In between the white color of our flag, there is Ashok Chakra, a wheel with 24 spokes in blue color.


Updated: 17 Jul 2022 — 4:37 pm

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