Class 5 Natural Disasters Q & A

Natural Disasters – Class 5

What are natural disasters and types of natural disasters ,types of volcanos and how to easure them and which device is used in this…….


Answer the following Questions


Que. Which instrument is used to measure the intensity of an earthquake ?

Ans- We use Seismometer to measure the intensity of an earthquake.


Que. What happens if there is shortage of rainfall?

Ans- Drought occur because of shortage of rainfall.


Que. What are Extinct volcanos?

Ans- Extinct volcanoes are those that are dead and inactive and they will likely not erupt in future.


Que. What is the uppermost layer of the earth?

Ans- Crust is the uppermost layer of the Earth.


Que. What is epicenter?

Ans- Epicenter is the point on the Earth’s surface where the earthquake begins is called the epicentre.


Que. Define a natural disaster.

Ans- A natural disaster is a natural event that causes loss of life and property ,damage and suffering.


Que. What are Dormant volcanoes ?

Ans- The volcanoes that have not erupted in recent years but may erupt in future is called dormant volcanoes.


Que. What are Active volcanoes ?

Ans- The volcanoes that erupted in recent years and may erupt again are called active volcanoes.


Que. What is a Richter scale?

Ans- Richter Scale is a scale used to measures the size of shock waves during an earthquake.


Que. What are the three types of volcanoes.

Ans- The three types of volcanoes are –

  • Dormant volcanoes
  • Extinct volcanoes
  • Active Volcanos


Que. What happens if there is shortage of rainfall happens in a large area?

Ans- Drought is a condition when there is less rainfall occurs and as a result of this:-

  • Crops lost /damage
  • Domestic/Farm animals  loss/damage
  • Soil erosion increases.


Que. Give some examples of natural disasters?

Ans- Some of the natural disasters are :-

  • Tsunami
  • Tornadoes
  • Hurricanes
  • Landslides
  • Thunderstorms
  • Lightening


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