Class 5 Natural Disasters Q & A

Natural Disasters – Class 5


Natural Disasters Class 5 Worksheets With Answers | Natural Disasters Class 5 Notes Question And Answers For Cbse,Icse Students………

Answer the following Questions

Que. Which instrument is used to measure the intensity of an earthquake ?

Ans- We use Seismometer to measure the intensity of an earthquake.


Que. What happens if there is shortage of rainfall?

Ans- Drought occur because of shortage of rainfall.


Que. What are Extinct volcanos?

Ans- Extinct volcanoes are those that are dead and inactive and they will likely not erupt in future.


Que. What is the uppermost layer of the earth?

Ans- Crust is the uppermost layer of the Earth.


Que. What is epicenter?

Ans- Epicenter is the point on the Earth’s surface where the earthquake begins is called the epicentre.


Que. Define a natural disaster.

Ans- A natural disaster is a natural event that causes loss of life and property ,damage and suffering.


Que. What are Dormant volcanoes ?

Ans- The volcanoes that have not erupted in recent years but may erupt in future is called dormant volcanoes.


Que. What are Active volcanoes ?

Ans- The volcanoes that erupted in recent years and may erupt again are called active volcanoes.


Que. What is a Richter scale?

Ans- Richter Scale is a scale used to measures the size of shock waves during an earthquake.


Que. What are the three types of volcanoes.

Ans- The three types of volcanoes are –

  • Dormant volcanoes
  • Extinct volcanoes
  • Active Volcanos


Que. What happens if there is shortage of rainfall happens in a large area?

Ans- Drought is a condition when there is less rainfall occurs and as a result of this:-

  • Crops lost /damage
  • Domestic/Farm animals  loss/damage
  • Soil erosion increases.


Que. Give some examples of natural disasters?

Ans- Some of the natural disasters are :-

  • Tsunami
  • Tornadoes
  • Hurricanes
  • Landslides
  • Thunderstorms
  • Lightening

Answers in short:-

What is a seismogram? 

An earthquake’s tremors are recorded in a seismogram. 


What is magma? 

Magma is the molten rocks present in the earth’s core. 


Why are floods caused? 

Floods are caused when rivers overflow their banks. 


What is a seismograph? 

A seismograph measures and records the strength of earthquakes. 


What is a crater? 

A crater is the opening of a volcano where the lava flows out. 


What is a volcano? 

During a volcano eruption, hot molten rock escapes from the earth’s crust. 


Define tsunami. 

An earthquake under the sea or a volcanic eruption can cause a tsunami, which is a very large and destructive sea wave



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