Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Class 7 Solutions

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Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Class 7 Solutions


Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Class 7  | Class 7 Geography NCERT Solution | question and answers of CBSE / Icse board exams…..

Answer the following questions. 


[Q] Which are the two factors on which the growth of vegetation mostly depends?

Climate and moisture are the two factors that most influence the growth of vegetation.


[Q] What are the three broad categories of natural vegetation?

Natural vegetation is generally classified into 3 broad categories they are forests, grasslands, and shrubs.


[Q] Name the two hardwood trees commonly found in tropical evergreen forests.

Hardwood trees like rosewood, ebony, and mahogany are common trees found in tropical evergreen forests.


[Q] In which part of the world is tropical deciduous forests found?

Tropical deciduous is the monsoon forests found in a large part of India, northern Australia, and Central America.


[Q] In which climatic conditions are citrus fruits cultivated?

Citrus fruits such as oranges, figs, olives, and grapes are commonly cultivated in hot dry summers and mild rainy winters.


[Q] Mention the uses of coniferous forests.

The woods of coniferous forest trees are very useful for making pulp, which is used for manufacturing paper and newsprint. Matchboxes and packing boxes are also made from softwood. Chir, pine, and cedar is the important variety of trees in these forests.


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