Class 5 Number System Worksheet

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Chapter 1 Number System and Computation Operations

Class 5 Number System Worksheet – In this Chapter ,we will read about Number system in Maths , what is number system and what are its types there are two number systems available in Maths , Indian and international.

What is a number system?

There are 2 types of number systems in our mathematics.

Indian Place Value System

indian place value number system


International Place Value System



Ascending and Descending

In ascending order numbers can be arranged from smallest to largest while in descending order numbers can be arranged from largest to smallest.

What is place value and face value?

The value of a digit on its place like where it is at ones, tens, or hundreds it is called place value , While in face value the value of a digit is digit itself

For example

In 1234 the place value of 1 is 1000 and face value is 1

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