Class 2 Our Environment and Pollution Worksheet with Answer

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Our Environment and Pollution Class 2 Question Answer


Our Environment and Pollution Class 2 Question Answer | Grade 2 Science Solution | for all the students of STATE / CBSE / ICSE board exams…


Answer the following questions


What is pollution?

Pollution is when the environment becomes contaminated or full of harmful substances.


What are the types of pollution?

The main types of pollution are –

  • Land pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Air pollution
  • Noise pollution


Why land pollution occurs?

Land pollution occurs when garbage is thrown into the open area


How water pollution occurs?

People dump garbage into the river and waste materials from factories.


How vehicles and factories contribute to air?

Smoke from vehicles and factories contributes to air pollution.


Why noise pollution is caused?

Noise pollution is caused by very loud sounds such as cracker bursting, loud honking, etc.


What is an environment?

The environment is made up of land, water, air, animals, and plants.


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