Our Government Class 5 Question Answers CBSE

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Our Government Class 5 Question Answers

Our Government Class 5 Question Answers | Our Government Class 5 SST Solutions

Fill in the blanks: –


In a …………… elected representatives are chosen by the people. [democracy]

……………….. consists of the Lok Sabha, the Rajya Sabha, and the President. [parliament]

Central Government is commonly known as the _______________ government. [union]

The ……………… is the head of the Indian government. [prime minister]

Our country is governed by a set of rules called the………. [Constitution]

The _______________ is the head of the state government. [chief minister]

The Lok Sabah has _______________ members. [552]


Write a short note on Parliament .

Parliament is the legislative body. Parliament is the supreme lawmaking body of our country. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are the two houses of the Indian Parliament. Their members are called Members of Parliament (MPs). The Indian Parliament is located in New Delhi.


Write a short note on Local Govt.

Local governments are responsible for administering cities and villages. In villages, local government bodies are the panchayat, the panchayat samiti, and the zila parishad, while in cities and towns, local government bodies are the municipal corporations, the municipalities, and the nagarpalikas.


Write a short note on Rajya Sabha.

RajyaSabha is the upper house of the parliament. It has a maximum of 250 members. State legislative assemblies elect Rajyasabha members, which are appointed by the President of India. Members of the RajyaSabha are re-elected every six years.


Write a short note on Lok Sabha 

It is also called the lower house of the parliament. There are 552 members of the LokSabha. Citizens over the age of 18 can vote to elect these members. The members of the LokSabha are elected for five years.


Define democracy?

Democracy is a system in which citizens elect their representatives. These representatives from the government.


Define government?

The government is the body that runs the country. In India, everyone can vote to elect the government. The government is responsible for solving all of our problems.


Describe the three main organs of a government.

Legislative, executive and judicial organs make up our government. Our legislature is the body that makes laws. The executive is the body responsible for enforcing the laws made by the legislature. The judiciary is a system of courts interpreting and applying the law.



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