Our National Symbols Class 4 Questions and Answers

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Our National Symbols Class 4 Social Science


Our national symbols class 4 social science | our national symbols class 4 questions and answers For CBSE /ICSE students by OS.


Name the three main National Symbols.

National flags, national anthems, and national emblems are the main symbols of a country.


Give a description of our National Emblem.

Our national emblem features four lions. Under the lions, there is a wheel. There is a horse on the left of the wheel, and a bull on the right, and Satyamev Jayate is written below.


What do the words Satyamev Jayate on our national emblem mean?

Satyamev Jayate means truth wins.


Name any two occasions on the National Flag and the National Anthem played in your school.

On 15 August and 26 January of every year, the national flag is hoisted and the national anthem is played.


Describe our National Flag.

There are 3 bands of different colors on our national flag, which is also known as tiranga

  • Saffron stands for courage and sacrifice at the top
  • White in the middle stands for truth and justice
  • The green at the bottom represents prosperity


Who has written our National Anthem?

Our national anthem was written by Rabindranath Tagore.


Which animal is shown in our National Emblem?

Our national emblem shows three animals they are lion horse and bull.


What are national symbols and what do they represent?

National symbols or things that represent the value goals and history of the people of a country


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