Our Natural Resources Class 4 Question and answers

Our Natural Resources Class 4 Question and answers

Define Renewable resources?

Renewable resources are those that are available continuously and that can be reused.


Define Non-Renewable resources

In other words, non-renewable resources cannot be reused once they are consumed.


Write some uses of soil?

  • Soil is essential for the growth of plants. The soil provides them with water and mineral salts.
  • We use it to grow plants.
  • Soil is used to make bricks and cement. It is used to make building materials.
  • Pots and utensils are made from clay that is obtained from the soil.


Exactly what is a natural resource? Please give two examples.

Natural resources are resources that are formed naturally in nature and can be used by humans. sunlight and water.


How was petroleum formed? Name three fuels we get from petroleum.


It is formed from the remains of plants and animals that have died and been buried millions of years ago. From petroleum we get gasoline, diesel fuel and kerosene.


What makes coal different from other minerals?

While coal is composed of the remains of plants and animals that were buried millions of years ago, minerals are naturally occurring solids that do not usually come from plants or animals. This is why coal is not a mineral.


Why dams are built? Name two Indian dams.

For controlling floods, storing water behind dams and generating electricity from water, dams are built. For example, Bhakra Dam on the Satluj River and Hirakud Dam on the Mahanadi River


What exactly are minerals? 

Minerals are naturally occurring solids that are not found in plants or animals. 


When trees are cut down, how does that affect the soil?

The roots of trees hold the soil and prevent the wind from blowing it away or the water from washing it away. Cutting down many trees in an area will result in soil erosion.


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