Our Water Resources Class 4 Social Science Notes

Our Water Resources Class 4 Social Science


Our Water Resources Class 4 Social Science | our water resources class 4 question answer,our water wealth class 4 worksheets.

Answer the following questions

What is a dam? 

Dams are walls built across rivers. It controls the flow of water by opening and closing sluice gates. 

Water conservation is important for what reasons? 

All living things require water for survival. This is why it is important to conserve water. 

What is the source of freshwater? 

Rain is the main source of fresh water in India. 


Name the sources of water found in India. 

In India, rain is the main source of fresh water. The sources of surface water include rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, reservoirs, and tanks. The sources of ground water are wells and tube wells.


What is the significance of dams? Why it is called multipurpose project?

Dams are used for other purposes besides storing water. The electricity is generated by making water fall from a height in a dam. The dam also controls floods and serves as a fish breeding ground. A dam built to serve more than one purpose is referred to as a multi-purpose dam.


What is hydroelectricity?

Hydroelectricity is the production of electricity through the force of water.


How are irrigation canals used ?

Irrigation canals are dug so that water can be taken from rivers to various regions that lack water.


What is rainwater harvesting?

The purpose of rainwater harvesting is to prevent rainwater from flowing away. Rainwater falling on roofs and on the ground is allowed to flow into a deep hole dug in the ground and collected.


Where do the main freshwater sources come from? 

The fresh water we get from water bodies can be divided into two types-surface water and groundwater. Surface water comes from rivers, ponds, lakes, and streams. Groundwater comes from wells and tube wells.


What is the reason seawater cannot be used for drinking or irrigation?

Because seawaters have a salty taste, they cannot be used as drinking water or for irrigating crops.



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