Class 3 People in our Lives Question & Answers

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People in our Lives Class 3 Question & Answers

People in our Lives Class 3 Question & Answers Grade 3 Social Science Solution | People in our Lives Class 3 Solutions for the students of CBSE/ICSE

What are the reasons that people wear different kinds of clothes in different regions? Could you please explain briefly?

People’s clothing is greatly influenced by the climate where they live.

The clothes people wear also change with the seasons.


When should we see a doctor?

When we are sick, we go to the doctor. Our doctor prescribes medicines and tells us what to eat and how long to rest. Furthermore, we visit a doctor for vaccinations against diseases like polio, typhoid, and cholera.


What are the duties of the traffic police?

A traffic police officer controls traffic along busy roads. As a result, there are no traffic jams or accidents.


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