Preposition Class 3 Worksheet

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Preposition Class 3 Worksheet


Preposition Class 3 Worksheet – Get your students ready to ace their next English test with this Preposition Class 3 Worksheet. This printable worksheet includes a range of practice questions, quizzes, and activities to help your students understand prepositions


A preposition is a word that shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other words in a sentence. Prepositions often indicate the location, direction, time, or manner of a sentence. Some examples of prepositions include “in”, “on”, “at”, “to”, “with”, “by”, “under”, “above”, “between”, “among”, “through”, “around”, “beside”, etc.


Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition.


The cat is hiding ________ the bed. (under, over, below) Ans: under

The balloon is ________ the ceiling. (above, between, on) Ans: above

The rabbit is eating ________ the carrot. (with, on, from) Ans: on

The book is ________ the desk. (in, to, from) Ans: on

We are going ________ the park. (at, to, from) Ans: to


Choose the correct preposition.


The bird is flying (above, below, beside) the tree. Ans: above

The flowers are (on, in, under) the vase. Ans: in

The dog is running (with, to, from) the park. Ans: to

My pencil is (between, on, under) my notebook. Ans: on

We will meet (at, from, to) the store. Ans: at


Prepositions MCQ

The cat is sleeping ________ the couch.

  1. on
  2. in
  3. under

Ans: a. on


I am going ________ the movies tonight.

  1. to
  2. from
  3. with

Ans: a. to


The book is ________ the shelf.

  1. in
  2. on
  3. beside

Ans: b. on


The ball is ________ the hoop.

  1. under
  2. on
  3. between

Ans: b. on


My friend is sitting ________ me.

  1. in
  2. on
  3. beside

Ans: c. beside


Choose the correct preposition to complete each sentence.


The ball is ________ the box. (in, on, under)

Ans: in

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